Saturday, March 17, 2012

Third travel frame in a row

I know this isn't the most exciting photo but here's the front triangle on the alignment slab. I occasionally take a photo here when I want to show this step. This is where I determine how much twist is in the frame. In this case there was about .020 which I tweaked down to .004 . Truthfully, this tiny change is hardly worth the effort but it makes me happy to get the twist as small as possible , even if it is way below the noticeable threshold for even the most sensitive rider. About once every five years I'll scrap a front end if it has too much twist......usually caused by my forgetting to have everything clamped down properly in the jig. I really triple check this step as I hate to wast time and material and in particular, my customer's waiting time. This True Temper OX steel is really tough to align so it is good to try to have conditions such that it does not need to be done more than a tiny bit, if at all.

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