Thursday, March 29, 2012

29er for Switzerland in process

The shop that ordered this frame Cycleworks asked for some photos of the frame in the process of being built. Here is a quick version of the build with some important steps highlighted. First, I produce the drawing.
Second, I'll machine the head tube and weld the seat tube to the BB shell.
Third, I'll weld the head tube to the top tube. I don't always do it this way but most of the time this is the most comfortable progression for me.
Next, I'll miter and weld on the down tube.
I'll assemble the two parts into the front triangle.
Next, I'll bend, cut and fit all the stays for the rear triangle. In this case i had to build a wishbone seat stay-I always do for MTB frames.
Here's the nearly completed frame and fork. I still have to build a stem.....that will be tomorrow.

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