Tuesday, October 18, 2011

'Cross frame for Flagstaff

This frame is scandium and it has the BB-30 shell and the 50 MM head tube that can run the tapered steerer loved by the UCI and all the Euro-racers. This rider is pertty tall and has trouble getting far enough behind the BB with his saddle position. The 72.5 degree seat tube angle on this frame will hopefully take care of that. The 43 mm chainstays will keep the weight distribution centered.
With the 35 MM seat tube and 44 mm downtube, the BB-30 and larger head tube do not seem out of place. I'm hoping that the owner will find the ride of this frame to his liking in all situations, paved or dirt. It may be a 'cross frame but it is light and stiff enough to feel good on the road.
With a fairly tall frame I can get a little more curve into the seat stays. I actually have to bend them a bit more to get the cantilever bosses at the right distance from each other.


steve garro said...

Rad! is it Scott? Looking forward to seeing it out & about.

swiggco world said...

It's Mike Cline, a friend of Michael Ort's.