Thursday, October 20, 2011

Big tire road bike all ready for a vacation

The test bike came back from Dirt Rag Magazine and after a little tune up it is ready for a rare three-day weekend in the Sierra foothills. I put on some Rivendell Jack Brown 33 c tires that they generously provided for the bumpy roads around the Amador county wine country. I also installed a Paul Components seatpost to get a little more setback. The Brooks saddle felt a little too forward for my tired old ass.
Here's the new seatpost. Finally, soeone makes a nice classic style seatpost with some real setback.


Bill Bryant said...

Hi Paul--
I noticed your post about your new bike with a seatpost with lots of set-back. What brand is that?
Bill B.

swiggco world said...

It's made by Paul Price in Chico under the Paul Component engineering brand. It's a good post-check it out at the shop any time.