Thursday, July 28, 2011

One guy, two frames

We have a new rider on the team who is pretty serious about cyclocross. Serious enough that he had to get a single speed and a geared bike so that all options were available .This frame is equipped with Mike Ahren's slider dropouts in 7005 aluminum mated to some scandium main tubes.
Although the dropout has a discmount on it now, it will be removed later. This will be a rim-brake bike so that wheel exchanges with the pit will be a lot easier. If you go disc, you had better have your own spares as the neutral support and your team mates are unlikely to have what you need.

This is the geared version and it is a full 1/2 lb. lighter. The bike will be heavier all built up as the single speed drivetrain has a lot less components. The geared bike will probablly be about 17 1/2 lbs. while the single speed might be only 15 lbs. There will now be about six single speeders on the team.....maybe we will rule the Nor-Cal S/S 'cross scene.
This is scandium from the shipment I got about two years ago. I am getting more soon and it will be a variety of tubes , even some MTB tubes. I'm hoping that the new stuff is a little heavier so that it can be suitable for larger riders.

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jeremy said...

Nice frame, the plain frame color is cool.
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