Wednesday, July 13, 2011

After many weeks of waiting....

This is my new 29er. Now I must ride it and ride it a lot......I have to get the full experience so that I can either be a convert or just another guy who tried it and didn't like it. From my few little test rides I really think I'll keep this bike until either it or I break !
The buildup is XTR for the most part. I had to sell a whole bunch of stuff to finance this project but hey, might as well go for it if you are wanting a quality ride that will hold up for a long time.
I built the wheels with some Stan's rims.....not because I like them or will run tubeless. I built with the rims because they were white. It's a sickness, you know. The three-bolt FSA cranks shows that advertisements in magazines some times work. I saw it and said " Hell, I got to get one of those." Is it any good ? I'll let you know. It is really less bolt , at least.