Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Big tire road frame and fork for Davis, Ca.

The owner of this frame will be riding it on all kinds of surfaces-pavement good and bad , dirt roads, maybe some single track. The bike that does it all and is still a road bike with caliper brakes has become very popular, at least at my shop.
This is the same fork crown I use on my Alfie town bike......lots of room for a large tire and a fender. The crown kind of looks like a Masi crown on steroids , wide but still sporting some '70's Italian style.
There's room for up to a 700x35 c road tire and a 32 c 'cross tire. The tubes are pretty light as the rider is very light as well. The father of the customer has three of my I really know I'm getting old when I am building frames for the offspring of my customers !

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