Thursday, June 2, 2011

Almost a 'cross bike

This frame may look exactly like a cyclocross frame but it isn't. It is what the customer calls a 'Dirt-phalt' frame made for a mix of riding. It is similar to the big-tire road bikes I have been building a lot of lately but it leans more toward 'cross as it has cantilever brakes instead of calipers. It is also made for a cyclocross fork which is about 18 mm taller than a big-tire road fork.
This version is mostly scandium with some 7005 stays. It will be paired with 700x28 c tires but will fit just about anything from 30 c on down.
The seatstays are pretty tight as there is no need for big mud clearance. Like I said, it is not a cyclocross frame.
Too bad my camera is dying...the focus is starting to go on the close up shots. It's a pity because the welds on this frame are about as nice as I have ever done in this material.

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