Monday, February 14, 2011

Ideo decends on the shop

Ideo is a design and engineering firm that I'll be teamed up with to compete in the Portland Manifest 'Builders Challenge" this year. Ideo will bring their considerable resources to complete this project . I'll have an opportunity to learn quite a bit from these folks and will be part of something much greater in scope than anything I have attempted in my 33 years of building frames. While I cannot reveal details about the upcoming project, I can assure you that it has a good chance of being one of , if not the top entry in the competition. There will be three teams involving builders and design firms in the competition, along with a out five college teams and 20-30 individual builders. The show will involve a 50 mile ride on the entered bikes and will take place in the fall. We have a lot of work to do but at least a number of months to complete the project. The Ideo design team visited Santa Cruz and saw the shop, the farmers market and life on the west side. There will be a broader vision of the use of this bike-to-be in the project but I'm sure that the west side of Santa Cruz will have an influence in some way.

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Douglas said...

VERY cool partnership!