Monday, February 7, 2011

Another Path Racer frame and fork.

Not only do I get to build the frame and fork of this tig-welded "Path Racer" but I also get to build the whole thing up as I see fit for the customer. Now that's trust.......I'll be sure to not break the bank but put on stuff that has durability and style. This frame has all the fittings, you didn't guess it-loaded fixed gear touring ! I'm not kidding....there's a few folks who do this and all I can say is that they are much mightier than I. Imagine how tough one would get riding fixed with all your gear for month or's not unlike the Tour De France before WW I.
There's lots of tire room and the brakes will be long-reach Shimano sidepulls. They are really powerful, have a nice feel and don't cost much. I have a set on my big tire road bike.
This frame has my last two Tange Prestige ultimate ultrastrong tubes. I think this frame will last into the next century.

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Anonymous said...

Paul - you are magical. Looking good. Can't wait to get started breaking it in~ | Rho