Thursday, January 20, 2011

26" last !

This may look a lot like the previous frame but it is not the same. Because the proportions are really similar along with the features it would be hard from a photo to tell them apart. This is an actual 26" wheel mountain bike frame-yes, I do still make them. I still ride them and do not own a 29er, at least not yet. This frame has some US made True Temper OX tubing and a little bit of some specialty stuff from Nova Cycles supply. Nova is the only company bothering to have steel wishbone seatstays made-a good thing for me as this style of stay hs been a feature of my bikes for 24 years.
This frame is going to live in Chicago. I have no idea where the trails are near Chicago but I'm sure this bike will be up to any abuse it is put through.

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