Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The 2010 'cross season is a wrap

Here's the front der. after the last race and after the bike wash. The hose didn't have enough power to cut through the Watsonville turf.
If it looks like the chain is stuck , it is pretty much stuck. The dried mud is still on there even after turning the hose on it twice. I'm going to have to use a screwdriver to get it all out. The bike really felt a lot heavier in the last two laps when I had to carry it up the run-up.
For reasons unknown, I was extremely successful this season finishing no worse than 6th in any race and getting onto the podium 13 times in 18 races. It isn't my job to be a good racer , just a good bike builder. To my surprise I was able to do both this season. Hooray for me ! Don't blink, you'll miss my microsecond in the sun.

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Reg said...

and some mid-season surgery, impressive stats...congratulations!