Friday, October 29, 2010

My bike,err-yeah, yet another one.

Is it a randonneur ? No. Is it a touring bike ? No. Is it a road racing bike ? No. Is it a 'cross bike ? Definitely not. What I call it is a big tire road bike and it will be pretty much what I'll ride this winter after 'cross season-at least, when I get it back from a possible magazine test session. I built this frame up at UBI when I was teaching in August. I have built a number of these for folks but have not been able to get around to building one for myself until this year. The big bonus is being able to shoot the dirt on the way home from work without breaking out the 'cross bike or the mountain bike. So, you might wonder, what's so great about that ? Well, I don't know how to put it into words but about 1975 my friends and I used to ride road bikes in the dirt quite a bit in Topanga Canyon . The bikes were a lot of fun on the trails but they tended to get pretty mangled , especially after a designated burn spot. this nicely paneled edition should stand up to the beating better than our old '70's European racers and also provide a smoother ride with some Michelin Jet 30's. My hope is that I'll be able to do the Big Basin loop without a pinch flat or a backache.

Ahh, yes-did I mention that I built a fork as well ? If one is to run long reach calipers a custom steel fork is nearly the only choice for proper fit. A carbon option is available from Wound Up-US made and really bombproof. For me , building a fork is the most cost -effective way to produce this bike ......not to mention , the matching paint is a style point on a bike like this. The paint scheme is kind of a ripoff of the 1978 Gios Torino 'super record' look. I remember when I was 25 and working in a bike shop how great those frames looked when we first took them out of the styrofoam-lined boxes from Italy. I never could afford one........good thing I learned how to build.


Marek said...

I love this bike Paul. Kind of what I was thinking about when we spoke.

Ric said...

Boy-O-boy, do I love this bike...and I'm a sucker for that "Gios Blue". Had Jeff Lyon build such a bike (and in the same color) for me--using long-reach calipers, and tweaked 'stage race' geo, back in '98. It's gone now, but you've got me dreaming of a replacement. So, it would fit, say, a 30-32mm wide tire? Perrrfect.... Might be takin' to ya, next year.

Rad Life. said...

Dude. Love this frame. It looks pretty rad.