Tuesday, June 15, 2010

an oldie for sale

This isn't one of my very first but it is one of the first 20 tig welded mountain bikes I have made. It dates from 1993 and is serial number # 0017. I built it for a friend's wife who recently upgraded to a full suspension bike. There ins't enough room in the garage so its time for the old one to go. Some parts are original, some not. There's a first generation 1" steerer Judy on the bike that still works.....amazing. The shifters and rear hub are 8spd XTR with the bulk of the rest beint XT. There's a set of diacompe v-brakes and levers. The bike has one of my custom stems....kind of a rarity. Asking price is $ 450. The right shifter is a little messed up but apart from that, the bike is in very good rideable condition-the wheels are dead straight. Call me at the shop for more details. The frame is small, good for a 5'4" rider.831-429-8010

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