Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Oh, Canada.

Hey, all you hockey pucks out can be festooned with the maple leaf if you like. This custlomer hails from up north and wanted a little symbol of his former home on his bike. The maple leaves remind me of days when folks wanted more stuff in thier paint to signify something to do with their origins. I'll be putting a couple of French flags on a frame in a couple of weeks. I'm all enthused about the whole mountian bike nostalgia going on right now. Old bikes that used to languish in garages forgotten are now sought after as historically significant rideable relics. Maybe one day even my old bikes will be collectable. Vote for me to get into the mountain bike hall of fame ( Industry catagory )and that old lobster in the garage might pay for a new refigerator.....or something.

1 comment:

grant said...

gorgeous frame! Is that red a powder coat color? -grant.