Thursday, April 17, 2008

Progress in April

If only the camera could really show the true shade of lavendar/blue on this road frame. This frame is distinctive because it can take 700x32c tires but is not a 'cross frame. It's technically a road frame that you can take in the dirt. It will use Shimano long-reach caliper brakes and a compact drivetrain, also Shimano. The cool thing is that aesthetically the frame is a road frame in almost every detail...the difference is in the subtle things done to accomodate the larger tires and make it stable in all conditions.
This is the spring batch of aluminum frames taking shape. I am now about 5 1/2 frames into a total of 14 frames bound for the heat treater in a couple of weeks. After this it will be back to steel for may/june. The selection of team bikes on sale has gotten smaller as the Ultegra bike is sold. The pit bike with full Dura Ace and Easton carbon fork is still available for $ 2,400. The seat tube is 50 cm c/t/c. the top tube is 54.5 cm c/t/c and the headtube is 130 mm. The bike has handbuilt wheels, 28 spoke Mavic Open Pro's in black. The bike is super clean and the same bike that the team races on. A new version of this bike would sell for $4,200 as equipped.


Akinol said...

See Please Here

steve garro said...

hey, paul - if you don't know who that post is above, delete it and don't open it! it's probally a huge virus package! put work verification on your blog to foil the evil machines! sweet bike too. dig the blue. hard to go wrong with blue on this world! i just built denise an un-filed fillet bike around 38c's. rock on, let me know when holly needs more chiltepines, we hit the motherload. rock on, steve & denise.

Grey said...

That's the bike I want. The blue/purple one...not the color, but precisely the description of intended use.


swiggco world said...

Now that I have made one, the next one should be easy.