Tuesday, April 1, 2008

a day late and more than an dollar short

These lovely sideways images are of the ultegra-equipped team bike for sale. The numbers of the frame are: Seat tube 50 c/t/c, top tube measured level 54.5, head tube 130 mm. The bike has a king headset, Paul's brakes and has been overhauled to race-prep perfection. The Dura Ace bike ( not pictured yet...$ 2,400) has these frame numbers: Seat tube 47.5, top tube measured level 54, head tube 110 mm. This bike has also been overhauled, both bikes getting new chains, cassettes, cables and tires. You can thrash these bike like a pro for a good long time as neither have had a ton of racing miles, the Ultegra bike only being ridden for a few laps at a few races as it was the 'pit bike'. I'll have more photos next week of the D/ace bike and Simon Vickers '06 team bike.


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alice b. toeclips said...

Paul...I'm gonna be at the Seabrght pub this SUNDAY 7pm til about 9, being , uh...me.
PLEASE consider drooping in...er, popping in...I wouldl ike to spring for a beer for you, for all the wonderful things (like lending me UGLY for SSWC05, wow you got me hooked on a NEW THING!!! THANK YOU)
So: April, what, 7? Sunday anyhow. Evening.
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