Friday, February 15, 2008

Bling bling dollar bill, y'all

Sheila Moon knows how to party. The party on Saturday night at a bar called plan B had a raffle and Sheila won a black messenger bag big enough to put her travelling buddy Barb Howe in.....maybe could have saved on airfare on the way home. Barb was hobbled with a torn Achille's tendon but still came to all the after parties and did her best Capitain Morgan .
A.K. was around although not visible most of the three days. Seemed as though he had a good time, probably better than we were having as we were working the show nine hours a day.
Capitain Kirk made the trip north and ditributed the latest FRP sportswear. Steve Garro told me repeatedly "You would be surprised at how many t-shirts you could give away." -Truer words have never been spoken.Poor Daniel Limburg attempting to talk on his phone with all sorts of yelling and carrying on taking place during the raffle.
This might have been the cutest bike in the show....yours for the low low price of : Don't ask, you can't afford it"
Andy Newland's creation.....integrated headset in lugged steel. Andy is the master and was a major inspiration for all the framebuilders of the late '70's such as Ross Shafer and myself.

Steve Garro's wife Denise has a new ride, replete with flowers. Looks nice and sweet now but you can be sure she is going to really beat on this bike on the rocky Flagstaff singletrack.
Paul's components........nice as it gets.
But wait.....White Industries stuff is mighty cool as well. Anyway, I'm glad to be back in Santa Cruz, ride a bike...see the sun and most of all, get the heck away from all that rolling art,brooks saddles, wooden fenders....bling bling yada yada. All this art for art's sake is great but bikes for riding is where I reside. Gotta pedal 'em, no matter how pretty they may be !
Heck, might as well finish off with the linear brakes from Paul Price. Stuff that works and keeps on working. This stuff is probably a lot more reliable than water buffalo horn forkblades.........


steve garro said...

word-up. that buffalo horn bike was stupid. the bike that won best of show was amazing fabrication work {probally a whole year's worth} but looked really sucky to ride, and even the lowrider bike kids would laugh and point....great seeing you guys, box 1 of 2 of the flower bike showed up today we are hoping the best for box 2. steve.

swiggco world said...

Yow, bikes still in the mail? Ouch. Best in show was visually amazing, structually for art's sake which is cool by me as long as I don't have to ride it.It's comical that the frame has a hole for the u-lock when it is totally obvious that anything this bike is locked to will be cut down in a second in view of what the friggin' thing is worth. It's like cable locking a Tiffany diamond bracelet to a fencepost......might not be a good outcome .

Winter Bicycles said...

Bike pragmatists unite!

Fun blog- I'll be reading it more often!