Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Absence of sky

Yeeah, Bacon town ! least outside the handmade bikeshow it was Porltand. Inside it was the custom bike capital of planet earth. Next door neighbor Steve Rex showed his excellent fillet brazed machines in a tidy economical display.
Yes, this is a sub 18 pound wooden road bike and it looked like something you could really ride anywhere.

Paul Price and Tammy held court at his display of superior aluminum . The best brakes and single speed gear around made for a constant glut of folks in front of this booth.
Simon shows off his new skateboard to Daniel Limburg of Shimano. Daniel treated us to a fine sushi dinner on Saturday night after the busiest and most draining day of the show.Ever spend four days in a trade show and not see the sky ? That's what I did. On a good note, though it was the NAHBS and I was surrounded by the best collection of fine handmade riding hardware ever assembled on this planet. The show was a huge success for all concerned and our booth was no exception as the press and public even took notice of our stripped down simple racing machines. IT's nice to know that full-on race bikes can be shown next to rolling artistic statements and still get an enthusiastic response.....after all, there is some exprexxsion in a rider going fast on a bike.

Oh, Yeah.......we in full effect. Simon changes a beat up saddle for a nice new one ( Loaned to us by Hwy. 2....Fizik USA) so that the bike looks all-new.
Saturdays crowds were enough to make the fire marshal close the doors for nearly an hour.Good thing nobody yelled "Fire!"

Yaaaaa, iss good, this wood, no? Wheelsmith Rick plied his wooden wares at the show. Do not ride these through termite colonies.

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