Monday, January 28, 2008

Muddy waters

For those of us waiting for a muddy race our wishes were granted in a big way at the Peak Season final at Watsonville fairgrounds. I didn't shoot many pictures and I don't have all the results but I do know the following: Stella scored win # 5 and equalled Josh Snead in total season victories, Dean Poshard rode to second place on the day and first in the series,TimWatson won the 35 + A series, Julie Brothers got second on the day, Tom Sullivan, Frank Kalcic and Ben Dodge all raced strong in the raging downpour that flooded the course for most of the day. We were also treated to a rare appearence by Rob Evans on his single speed . Future team rider Scott Chapin captured the overall in the A Single speed group. Another victory was had by Max Fraser in the junior 16-17 field. Max is a world class sailboat racer and has little time to train or race 'cross but when he does he makes it count. Check for all the results and standings.


steve garro said...

is stella racing for rock lobster? man, i clocked some serious hours racing her at the cream puff every year.........hey, isn't that feedjit thing cool? it's shows that your blog is working for have hits from all over the world! steve.

swiggco world said...

Feedjit is cool and I thank you for turning me onto it. Looks like you are getting hits worldwide as well. Stella joined the team in '06 when Kelley folded. She has been a super member of the team and is current team capitian.She can still turn the pedals and has won 5 'Cross races this season. She'll be at the SSWC in Napa as will I, although I'll be finshing about 2 hours behind her if I'm lucky.