Tuesday, November 19, 2019

CCCX Nor-Cal-Nevada districts

Lots of success at the districts last weekend. Keegan Pelton and Remy Schmidt are new district champions in the juniors. Silver medals were won by Dan English, Kai Yee , Enzo Sapjnikoff and Kathleen Bortolussi. Bronze medals were won by Matt Werner, Mac Tomkins, Nate Vahlberg, Sarah Jordan, Eric Werner, Kyle Taylor and Paul Sadoff.
Just off the podium were Cullen Keefe at 4th, Joey Kochlacs, Jayden Cheung at 5th, Nate Barton 5th in the elite.  All in all, we had tremendous success considering many of the team were not present. 

In a few weeks many of these folks and others will go to Tacoma, Wa. for the nationals. There they will meet up with people who were not around for last weeks race. It should be a great week in December for the team-we must have at least 7 entrants in the single speed category alone. There's a good chance that we will be the largest team from Nor-Cal so every day you'll have a chance to see our racers on the course. 

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