Sunday, January 6, 2019

Dead wood no more

 I have a few old projects in my shop- frames that needed some repair but never got done for various reasons. The biggest reason is that I have so little time apart from being a custom builder. These old frames that have been hanging in my shop are the result of either a shop or a customer dropping something off to be fixed and then deciding that the frame was not worth the expense of having me fix it. After that the usual result is that the customer or shop winds up giving me the frame with the usual : " Hey, you want this thing ? - you can have it."

Another scenario is the customer leaving town and I lose touch with them. Some times I'll  hear that the original owner of the frame died- the next of kin will get in touch with me and ask if I want the frame. I usually say yes- I like to fix things and keep them out of the landfill, especially when it is an interesting old bicycle frame. This one is no exception. The only thing it needed was a down tube replacement. There is, however no small amount of skill needed to do this job properly- otherwise it is quite easy to destroy what is left of the frame in the attempt to get the old tube out.
 Fortunately I was able to get the old tube out cleanly and replace it. I had to do a bit of alignment on the frame and fork but it is now fixed, straight and ready for a repaint after hanging on a hook for untold years. The frame was built in the early '80's by Dave Tesch , someone I knew and had some discussions with back in the day. Unfortunately , Dave got cancer and passed away at the young age of 44. I liked Dave and on this particularly rainy Sunday ( When if it weren't raining I would definitely be riding ) made it a point to eventually fix this frame so it could live on.
There's a good chance the newly restored frame will see duty at the Eroica California. I'll get the correct decals and try to make it as original as possible. I think that Dave might have approved.

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