Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Last frame of 2017

 Awhile ago I got the idea to build and/or re-purpose some frames to make fun of classic collector bicycles. Yes, this might not be that popular of a thing to do but my distaste for fanatical over-zealous collectors of all stripes has driven me to do this. Yes, I was a fanatical collector of things-just as bad as the people I am lampooning but somewhere in my earlier years I saw the whole neurotic insanity of 'aquisition-disorder' for what it was.....a sickness.
 Here's something I created to get the attention of bike collectors at the Eroica, California. No....I do not see anything wrong with bicycle collecting when it is by people who genuinely love bikes-That is a pure and unassailable thing. My beef is with the folks that will really tear you apart if you have the wrong valve caps, spoke nipples, tubing decal, toe straps, cable housing......you name it. They are the self appointed guardians of 'period correctness'. O.K , high standards for show bikes is something I do understand but I have the distinct feeling that a few individuals are merely trying to elevate themselves above other vintage bicycle enthusiasts in an endless battle over period-correct bicycle parts. To these few sad folks I present this priceless Cyrus Mego frameset. Since it is the only one ever made it has the distinction of being rarer than any other bike on the planet-except for the ones that don't actually exist.....those are indeed harder to come by.
 I made this frame from lugs that must have been at least 50 years old. It amazes me the amount of old frame building stuff out there- bits that were created to produce a real distinctive rolling statement....but somehow these bits sat unused for decades. I spent many hours on this little wonder and it did really well on the 130 mile route at the Eroica ridden by one of my team riders.
 Now I am putting it up for sale......sad to do this but the expense in sending a whole team to the Eroica has to be dealt with. You can read about it at cyclesheroic.blogspot.com  there's a lot of sarcasm there- hope that everyone enjoys the humor.
I have loved old bikes since they were not old bikes- I raced with a hair net and wool shorts, toe clips and all the stuff that is considered 'classic' these days. I'm not a newcomer to this old-bike world and anyone who thinks I don't appreciate old bikes has not come to my shop and seen all the relics hanging from the rafters. A couple of years ago I rode the mid-distance of the Eroica and wrote about it. A person who read what I wrote was offended and urged me not to come back as I did not understand the event.
I did come back, I did enjoy myself and I brought a team of about 10 riders who rode mostly on a fleet of old bikes that I had restored just for the occasion. What I understand about the event is that you are supposed to show up with an older bike, some appropriate clothing and have a good time. That's exactly what we did and no doubt we will be back again.

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