Saturday, December 10, 2016

first 27.5 boost frame

 Yes, I have finally gone there and I'll likely build more like this. The frame has a 148x12 rear axle and will take up to a 3" tire. Not quite a 'fatbike' but really substantial traction compared to your common variety 2.2 MTB tire. The ride should be a lot more 'cush' as well.

 The paint is a nod to a style popular back in the late '80's. I had a number of bikes painted this way as did Ibis and a number of other brands of the day. The fades were done over a powder base coat by Allan Neymark. I think that he really nailed it on this frame-he said that it didn't happen on the first try but he persisted until he got what you see here. The frame will be mated to a Fox 120 mm boost fork-one of the most substantial suspension forks that have been in my shop. Price on a frame like this with this paint is around $ 2,100.00

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