Friday, September 9, 2016

This bike is designed for hauling ass

 Yes, I said it. I have a bike just like this-alumunim frame-carbon fork with room for 700x40 tires. Disc brakes and thru-axles make this a sturdy rig for mixed terrain outings.

I find that I can downhill on a bike like this really well-the lighter touch needed for braking means a looser upper body and more ability to control the bike at speed in the loose stuff. Take it from me, I'm a clutz but on a bike like this  I have found some speeds that were not in my comfort zone previously.

There were many years that I resisted the disc brake CX thing and I am still on the fence if it is good for CX racing but on the trail this is definitely the way to go, especially for those all-day rides in the mountains.

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