Saturday, July 16, 2016

disc brake road bike fully built

 This bike will be hitting the steep hills in Santa Cruz Co.  as this bike is for a local. He originally ordered it in 2014 but for financial reasons had to delay the build. After a lot of saving and planning, this is the result.
 The build is Ultegra 6800 with the exception of mechanical Rever CX1 brakes-a new product that is really easy to set up and might be the best mechanical disc out there. This is a demo set and if the customer likes it I'll order him a set and keep these for a demo bike. The hubs are XT 8000 and I was able to machine the freehub body to take the 6800 11 spd. road cassette. This isn't something that Shimano would be happy about but it was pretty easy to do on my metal lathe and I have seen other people do it successfully before I tried it myself. There just isn't a lot of affordable disc brake hubs out there that can take an 11 spd. road cassette.
The pedals, tires and saddle were provided by the customer. I built the wheels with Hed Belgium rims and DT 14-15 butted spokes.  The idea is to have a durable bike for steep ups and downs  while having a little old-world style.


Unknown said...

Beautiful bike!

cafesemon said...

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