Sunday, May 15, 2016

Big tire disc road frame and fork for Waco, Tx.

 This is an unusual platform having a number of features that I have not combined on one frame.....that is until now. there's a lot going on- Paragon 'Poly-drops' with a chainstay mounted disc caliper, the seat mast , a tapered head tube that can also accomodate the straight steerer steel fork with the proper adaptor. This frame also has a PF-30 BB shell.
 With the design of this frame there are no cables on the top tube , much like my first MTB frames from the mid-'80's that had chainstay mounted roller cam brakes. The bike will see some pretty bad Texas roads so it will be able to run a pretty large tire, maybe up to a 32 although the owner was pretty sure that he would max out at a 28. I like to give people a bit more flexability some times. The chain stays are still fairly short-this is still really a road machine and not a CX platform.
One more feature is thru-axles front and rear-getting to be popular on many bikes now.

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