Thursday, June 18, 2015

Aluminum CX frame for Di II and disc brakes

 This one is headed east and is pretty close to the most up-to-date CX frame I can construct. The aluminum tubes came from no lass than three suppliers and three countries: The USA, Italy and Taiwan. This is what I have to do to get it all together but the results are worth the trouble.
 I used to think that electric shifting on a CX bike was silly-that was before I saw a really cold race where the mechanical bikes stopped shifting but the Di II bikes were still operating fine. When the temps get below freezing there is a definite advantage for not having cables.
I'll most likely be boxing up this one tomorrow. Elaborate paint jobs like this ( from Allan Neymar in this case ) can take a long time. The distinctive look is going to be hard to miss on the race course.


Fakhita Sousou said...

Well done
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romain mousset said...

really like what you do Paul , keep going !