Monday, April 27, 2015

Steel road frame with tapered carbon fork for local

A member of the CX team is getting this frame. It will have a pretty top-end build with all Dura Ace 9000 , Enve rims built to King R-45 hubs. This is a straight-ahead road bike, not like the big tire versions I have been building recently.
 The Ebve fork has been painted to match and there's a Jen Green silver head badge to top it off. The steel tub set is True Temper S-3 and OX Platinum with Columbus 'Life' rear stays. I'm going to put this all together in the future as a new model of road frame and fork. These options seem to be popular so it only makes sense to offer them all as a package. This will be my top-of-the-line welded road frame and details on the website will be coming,


Von Trapp said...

Loving this! Debating switching over from a Gaulzetti Corsa (stiff, responsive, aluminum race frame), to something with your name on it. Would this be about the most responsive, race, steel frame you'd come up with? Also, price for this package build?

Thank you very much for your time!

Stefan R. said...