Tuesday, April 29, 2014

CX disc frame and fork for a 4' 10 1/2" rider

 These are always the most challenging bikes to build. Fortunately I have built a number of them and was able to construct this one in a way that should make it a lot of fun for the rider.
The disc brakes simplified the cable run so that I did not have to worry about the tight room at the top of the tire for canitlever brakes. Also, the outward spread of rim brakes was not an issue for heel room on this bike.
The reverse bend top tube is a way to get more standover and the cable guides are underneath the top tube to gain a little more room . Since this bike will probably not be raced the shouldering room required for a race bike will not be needed. At 3 lb. 12 oz , this is a very light steel frame an should be lots of fun in the forest.

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