Saturday, March 8, 2014

S-3 Columbus Life mix steel frame and fork for S.F.

Even the steerer and blades of the fork are light -the crown is hollow. My hope is that this frame builds up light and gives a really compliant but efficient ride. The owner of this frame rides quite a bit as he writes, photographs and produces films involving cycling. He opted for the Jen Green badge-normally I use about 4-5 of these badges annually. This month alone I have used 4......looks like a trend is starting.
This is pretty much a straight ahead road bike for up to 700x28 tires. No fenders, no racks ....probably a little dirt riding though. I suspect that this bike will be used on some 'Grasshopper rides in the bay area in the coming months. 
The pumm peg, chain hanger and fr. der. mount are classic steel frame features that are no-cost options .


prattler said...

mr vernor, i presume?

sjauch said...

I'd love a frame like this but with an Enve fork.