Thursday, February 20, 2014

650 MTN frame for Mass.

 This frame was built for a 5'3" rider . I had a very difficult time getting the tire room, standover and geometry or the 100 mm fork to all come together. This is the result of much brain work and some really intense hours at the shop.
 Every bit of hardware on this frame is from Paragon Machine works here in Calif. The tubeset is Columbus Zona O.S. with the exception of the seat tube which is Reynolds 725. Columbus did not have a seat tube short enough to use on this small frame-I would have cut off all the lower butting and made a frame with a much shorter lifespan.
No wishbone seatstay here.....I had to re-bend the seat stays to fit around the 650x2.5 tire and fit on the back o the seat tube. This is something that I can only do because of lots of years working with this stuff. 15 years ago I would not have been able to pull off a build like this.

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