Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Fender ready road bike for Paul's 'Racer M' brakes

I even made a custom road stem for this one-the cable guide on the stem is something I have not done in a good number of years-the customer asked for it so there it is .......just like a 1990 vintage stem, except for the modern steerer and handlebar clamps from Paragon.
 I used a Mitsugi crown from Pacenti designs-this is probably my favorite crown to build raked road forks with. It really looks like a Masi crown from the '70's.
The bosses for the Racer M brakes have to be very high as these are center pull brakes rather than cantilever style. The brakes should allow for a 700x28 tire and a fender. Without the fender I'm sure you could throw in a Jack Brown or similar 700x33 tire.

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