Thursday, September 12, 2013

Single speed aluminum CX frame for east bay

 This is the last in a batch of seven aluminum frames-my last aluminum batch of the summer but not the last of the year. I still have one more to start in a couple of weeks. This frame has some of the very last NOS Easton elite tubing along with some Dedaccai chainstays .
 The frame weighs in at 3 lb. 3 oz. , not bad for something that will see some really hard miles this season.
The dropouts are from Mike Ahrens and have bronze faces. I think that these are the most solid track dropouts on the planet in aluminum.
Here's the batch. I'm boxing it up and sending it to the heat treater this morning.....been working really hard this summer.


Peter W. Polack said...

Does something in the build process require you to build aluminum frames in batches?

Does the post build heat treatment change frame alignment?

swiggco world said...

Yes, I get the frames heat treated in batches to save money.usually the frames do not need post heat treat alignment. If they do, it is because somebody beat the crap out of the frame while it was being heat treated or powdercoated. I do not tolerate this and make sure that the frames are straight before they leave the shop.