Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Columbus Max road frame for Maryland

Yes, that's not a typo......there's a bunch of Max tubing in this frame. I subbed out a different seat tube and seat stays but the important part of the tube set is there. I used to build with this tubing back in the mid '90's....seems like a different life back then. I was in a different shop and had not gotten a website up yet. 
 This bike will see the streets of Maryland and D.C. The frame will be fitted with fenders and hopefully see year round duty. It is a stout, strong ride but it also could be pretty quick , given that the tubes are pretty large cross section and not very heavy. I kind of wish I could ride it before it gets sent off.....

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Marco Sobrevinas said...

I love seeing modern frames made from MAX tubing. It was a great tubeset back in the '90's, and it's still a great material today. And without the very heavy lugs, weight can be brought down to a reasonable level.

Beautiful example, great work.