Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Steel frame with big tubes and a seat mast

 I have only built a few like this but I am anxious to get it painted and to the customer to hear the ride report.
 The front triangle is all True Temper OX with a 38 mm downtube , 35 mm seat and top tube.
The rear triangle is all columbus -I think it is called 'Life' but I'm not 100% sure.......it is the best stuff I had. I did a little re-work on te seatstay bends to get the stays close enough for a brake bridge to fit. The frame has BB-30 and takes the Ritchey seat tube topper. I might have to build one of these for the shop as a demo to see how it rides.


virag said...
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virag said...

take 2.

that is a wicked looking frame. i'm very curious to see it painted and built up.

how much seat height adjustment is there with the ritchey topper?

do you have any experience with any other isp toppers? since i have none, i am curious to know which might be the most solid and have the most useful adjustment. (i would be kinda leery of getting a custom frame that only allows something stupid like +/- 4mm!)

have you built any seatmast frames out of aluminium, or are you planning to?



Slonie said...

I would ride the snot out of it!