Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Steel 'cross frame for Bakersfield

 This guy should get the fleet price....I think this is # 3 in the fleet. this will be a utility/ training bike as the full race frame will arrive sooner.I thought it was pretty stout when I finished it....had a little heft to it-then i put it on the scale: 3 lb. 11 oz. !  Dang, how did that happen ? I guess modern steel is pretty light.
 All the guides are welded so they will have to endure some sort of incredible apocalyptic event to ever snap off. I think that the tubing would rip first......
This mixture of Columbus and True temper OX platinum might become my stock tubeset for the coming year.I like how stout yet light the bikes come out.


Stealingaway said...

This is number 4

swiggco world said...

you sir, are correct ! How I missed one I don't know !