Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Big tire road frame and fork-hold the fenders

This is a big tire road frame but it is a bit more racy than the usual item. There's a lot of little touches that were requests from the customer.
Head tube mounted cable adjusters were one request a little out of the ordinary for me.
the next thing were some really beefy chainstays to make the power transfer feel solid. These true Temper chainstays are the same cross section as fork blades, just thinner walled. they had to be deeply indented to be able to accommodate the Michelin Jet 30 mm tires.
The narrow section 376 mm axle to crown length straight blade fork also had some stainless steel dropouts which will be masked off in the paint process. I almost never have this request but it makes a lot of sense. the rear dropouts are stainless as well.
These dropouts are a little pricey and the fit is maybe a bit tighter than I would have liked but the went on flawlessly. They match the fork crown motif pretty well. I think this is the fourth frame I have built for this customer and I hope it is the best.


Mike said...

That is a handsome frame with a nod to traditional features. I appreciate the form.

Alex said...

I always specced stainless dropouts and track ends on Solitude frames as they look nicer after you fit and remove the wheel a few times!

A 2mm dia stainless rod silver soldered vertically to the head tube stops cable rub too and is much nicer than stickers or damaged paint :)