Friday, November 20, 2009

26" single speed for 140 mm shock

I was fortunate back in 2002 to get a huge stash of USA made Easton Elite 7005 aluminum tubing for MTB frames. When I got it I thought that it was unlikely that I would ever use it all. Now I'm finding that I am starting to go thrugh it rapidly as the hardtail revival has really come to my shop in a big way. of the last nine frames I have built four of them are 7005 hardtails, two 29ers and two for 26". This one has the full ADG kit. To explain for those who don't know, Mike Ahrens in San Jose designs the yokes and slider dropouts in this frame. He also designs all sorts of frames as well. Without Mike's frame hardware, this kind of frame would not be possible for me to build in any solid repeatable way. Mike's yokes and dropouts are US made ,complimenting the rest of the materials.


Brent said...

dat the chapster mobile?

swiggco world said...


Brent said...

I have to give feedback.
This is one of the sweetest riding bikes I have ever owned. I look forward to every moment taking this thing out and hammering up hill and taking any dropoff without fear.

Thanks again Paul for the amazing bike!