Thursday, July 23, 2009

Big midsummer build-a-thon.

I don't know about you but my July has sped by like a runaway greased peccary. I am not even sure how many 'cross frames I have built this season but I'm sure that it is more than I was planning on. I'm almost done with the last batch , seven Easton 7005 UL frames , all of them ;cross frames except for a 6-9'er mountain bike. The 'cross frame below is the my first BB-30......I'm all tooled up to incorporate these and some other modern features for the folks who want them.

Building this many frames really helps me get into s good groove with the welder. Getting a nice looking bead on aluminum is a life-long study for me , especially challenging with my 20 year old Miller Dialarc HF-250 dinosaur of a welder. The old machine never lets me down, though. I have a Syncrowave I haven't even fired up yet.....I guess the old one and I are not ready to part ways just yet.


Angostura Bitters said...

Those are some purty welds thar, Mr Rock Lobby!

I might have some questions about kitting my garage out with some welding equipment when I come to pick up my frame. My present fabrication medium for motorcycle stuff is glass reinforced plastics and while that's all good fun, it's just not the same as metal melted to metal...not even close :)

This all said with full acknowledgment that I will not reach those gorgeously overlapping pearls of grafted tubular glory, but you know...


Adam of Oakland

Hank said...

Damn now I am getting all excited again!

rabbit said...

i see CX frames. where is this 69er you speak of

swiggco world said...

the 6-9er was still in it's in a box off to the heat treater. I'll photograph it in a few weeks when it is all painted and pretty. It was nice looking without paint but I didn't remember to shoot it before sending it out.