Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Path racer # 2

I swear I'm going to put some tires on it before it leaves the shop. The woman who will own this bike used to work at the local university bike co-op. Showing her roots, this buildup has some scrounged parts that although not new and shiny will be functionally sound. I date the hubs as Phil Woods from apprximately 1978-1984 era, give or take a few burnt brain cells along the way. The bars are Specialized WTB drops, probably from the early eighties and really getting hard to find. The bulk of the other stuff is new such as the rims, spokes, fenders , brakeset and headset. The seat is a spanking new Brooks and it will be a punisher for the first few months but after that it will be like family, that is if you have a happy one. Working with old stuff is something I don't do all that much any more but this build inspired me to get some sort of beater together out of a few of the hunereds of old bits I have laying around. My worry is that it will come out like this one, way too nice to be a real beater.

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