Friday, March 13, 2009

Alfie S.L. built up

The gentleman who ordered this bike decided to forgo the shiny fenders and Brooks saddle that would normally be standard equipment on the Alfie. He also asked if I could make it a little lighter. I was able to do this by using lighter tubing and building a unicrown fork. This frame weighs ony 4 1/4" lbs. a full pound lighter than my own Alfie frame. I christened this model the Alfie 'S.L'. and figured that a single speed version could be build pretty light ,but having the 8-speeds is really nice. I put a large rear cog on for lower hill climbing gears, just in case the owner gets ambitious. This bike has the twist-shifter instead of the usual rapid-fire....I'm still dialing it in as this is the first one I have ever set up. Omitting the wishbone seatstay dropped some weight from the frame.

The unicrown fork is probably a good 1/4 lb. lighter than the standard flat crown fork that I build for these bikes. It's a welded fork with larger blades so it has a little firmer ride , not a bad thing for potholed street riding.

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