Friday, January 9, 2009

Dr. Swigg's guid to wine

Yeah, I's been probably two years since I have made a recommendation and it speaks not only to my laziness but also to the scarcity of good bottles in the lower price least ones good enough and plentiful enough to merit a notice by Dr. Swigg. Plungerhead zin can come in a few different forms....Lodi, Sonoma, etc. This one is the 2005 Dry Creek old vine version. I really liked the Lodi edition but this Dry Creek number eclipses it in terms of taste,complexity and it also has the distinction of coming from a boutique appelation for this particular varietal. Dry Creek wine for $ 13.99 ? And good ? Oy, soch a deal. I vant a case......Plungerhead is from the Sebastiani empire, a family winery that has just sold off a portion of its catalogue so Plungerhead might be going through some changes in the coming vintages....better get this one before its history. Cheers, Dr. Swigg.

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