Friday, October 31, 2008

itty bitty city bike

I don't know why more people don't order bikes like this. Having a custom built city bike is buying something that could actually save money in fuel and keep you in shape. This one is for a 64 year old 5' 1" woman in Palo Alto.


Yokota Fritz said...

Props to the woman who ordered this bike, and props to you all for building it. It looks nice.

Little_Jewford said...

what I love about this bike that it is NOT "over the top".

Sure its a custom frame but the parts selection (from what I can tell) are moderately priced and practical. Ok its a King headset, but I still think, considering they will survive a nuclear blast along with the cockroaches and that absolute dollar wise they aren't a "luxury" item, that they are worth every penny.

I love seeing that there is a market for this kind of bike! said...

that's a schweet ride, yo.

very cool.

swiggco world said...

The custome didn't specify the headset....I did that. i guess I just wanted one component to be the best and the remainder to be affordable/durable/no-so-bike-thief-attracting. The paint was specified by the customer....low key.