Wednesday, May 7, 2008

spring batch #2 almost done

One more frame and this batch of 7005 frames will be off to the heat treater. Eight frames in about eight days.......hard work but rewarding just the same. The furthest frame on the rack is a 29er for a 6'7" team rider. The frame I have to build today is a 'cross frame, the last of the litter. Even though 'cross season is four months off I have been building 'cross frames almost every week.
Panels are back in style , as this frame shows. It's a tig-welded steel frame with modern components but the customer decided to give it a classic British '70's motif. The matching fork crown is a nice touch, all the customers idea. This is an all-conditions road bike for our deteriorating Santa Cruz county roads. The 48-39 chainrings will be mated to a large rear cassette, hence the XT rear der.


Anonymous said...

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swiggco world said...

I hate these phishers....they all need to be put in a big blender and made into chorizo.

steve garro said...

nice! a spectrum job? steve.