Saturday, August 25, 2007

hand like a drumstick

Every once in awhile the bike shows us just how important balance and attention can be. This was the case on Aug. 15th when I was taught a lesson on a non-descript popular stretch of fire road about two miles from home. My nice new bike (4th ride..) sent me violently to the turf for a moment's inattention on my part. Now my arm looks like a big white turkey drumstick and seeing how I was truly riding like a turkey at the time, it all fits nicely into place. Inspite of this I will attempt to fulfill orders in maybe not as timely a manner as in normal circumstances but as best as I can. Ride carefully, folks.


Jr. Curmudgeon said...

Get well soon! There will still be a lot of cross season left after you have healed.

Erik said...

Ouch, hope you heal up soon.

I took my first digger in a long time last week. Scrapes and bruises but nothing broken!