Sunday, March 11, 2007


Here's the spot where you will be able to see the stuff that won't make it onto the Rock Lobster website. Bikes in progress, local rides, all sorts of things to clue you into what goes on here besides what you see on the company website. I'll post a few bikes and frames here and there to keep all up to date on the latest items coming out of the shop. This weekend was re-do the vineyard.....most of you don't know that I, along with longtime friend Kurt Kabica planted a vineyard in back of my house three years ago. My wife and I successfully bottled one gallon of Pinot Noir last fall. We are looking forward to the next crush in September. Most of you might not know that Rock Lobster isnt' fueled by beer, unlike most bicycle companies. Rock Lobster is a wine-run operation....rather, the after hours drinking is from a wine glass instead of a pint glass. I hope you understand.

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Josh said...

Hey Paul,

I used to be neighbors with Kurt and Paula. I moved away and have since lost touch with them. Is there any way you could pass along my info to him. My email address is harper.josh[at]gmail[dot]com. My name is Josh Harper. Thanks so much. peace,